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About Feenstra Rijn Lijn

Sailing past the beautiful Dutch and Belgium landscape, walking along the Moselle, or bobbing on the Danube, A river cruise means enjoyment. Join us, and be overwhelmed by the most beautiful places in Europe. Book your fully catered trip at Feenstra Rijn Lijn and enjoy a comfortable cruise on one of the major European rivers.

For whatever cruise you choose, one thing is certain; you will enjoy your journey. With the cruise ships of Feenstra Rijn Lijn, you sail in an attractive ambience along beautiful places and historic cities. Moreover, the pleasant and personal care on the ship makes your trip complete.

This is what we offer ...

For more than 35 years, Feenstra Rijn Lijn has organized the most beautiful cruise holidays in Europe. In addition, we only want one thing: to provide our customers with an unforgettable journey. Every customer is unique to us. This means that we take your personal wishes and needs into account as much as possible during our travels. We do not do this alone. The ships with which all these beautiful trips are made are owned by different shipping companies. Feenstra Rijn Lijn mediates between them and you. So when we talk about 'we' on this website, we mean the ship owners. Add to that our excellent travel conditions, and you know that Feenstra Rijn Lijn is your travel organization.

With 7 ships we can call ourselves the largest cruise provider in the Netherlands. And we are quite proud of that. Every season our ships are ready again, to bring you where you want. You can choose from long or short trips to various destinations in Europe. Consider, for example, a cruise on the Rhine, Moselle, Saar, Main or Neckar, or a fun theme trip.

Feenstra is a reliable and experienced travel organization. This means that we apply clear conditions and involve our customers closely in the preparation. Because we do not want to leave you with surprises, some remarks:

  • Excursions are not included in the fare. This also applies to drinks that you order.
  • Feenstra does not use hidden fees for port dues. Fuel costs and taxes are uncertain factors and these can lead to a surcharge on the mentioned passage prices.
  • No last-minute prices are used.

So, if you are interested and you want to be assured of the cruise and accommodation of your choice, do not hesitate and book your river cruise as soon as possible. We hope to welcome you on board soon!

If you have any questions? Our employees are happy to help you, or take a look at our frequently asked questions.


Discover the Dutch and Belgium Waterways

The Netherlands is a beautiful holiday destination. Travel around the Netherlands, and pay a visit to our southern neighbors. With our 6- to 11-day cruises, you can discover both the Dutch and Belgian waterways.

River cruises over the Rhine, Moselle, Saar and Main

The Mosel is known for its fine wines, the Rhine for its beautiful views and the Saar and Main for their varied landscapes. Enough to discover. With our river cruises you sail across borders, discover beautiful historic cities and enjoy the wonderful outdoor air on the water. The duration of these cruises vary from 4 to 13 days.

The blue Danube

The beautiful Danube River has inspired countless poets. Feenstra Rhine Line offers you several cruises on the Danube.

The magnificent Seine

The Seine takes you past chic and stylish cities, beautiful Impressionist landscapes, royal castles and authentic fishing villages.

Theme cruises; enjoy conviviality

In the spring and in the festive December month, we offer various theme cruises. Enjoy the first touch of spring during a Spring or Easter cruise. Experience cozy evenings on board and join us to celebrate Christmas and New Year on board.

River cruising with Feenstra

Whichever cruise or ship you choose, one thing is certain; you do not have to worry about anything during a river cruise. During the trip you will enjoy excellent care and you can count on a friendly and service-oriented crew. So choose the comfort, variety and excellent care of Feenstra Rijn Lijn and book your trip here.

Our office is located at Rijnkade 12, 6811 HA in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

We can be reached by telephone on 0031-(0)26 445 2805 or by fax: +31-(0)26 445 6681. Do you have a question or do you want to respond? Send an e-mail to info@feenstrarijnlijn.nl You can reach us by telephone from:

  • Monday to Friday: 09.00 – 17.30
  • Saturday: 9.30 – 15.30

VAT no. NL006513268B01 Chamber of Commerce Arnhem no. 09049903