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Our fleet

Every season our ships take you wherever you want . We do not do this alone. The ships with which all these beautiful trips are made are owned by different shipping companies. Feenstra Rijn Lijn mediates between them and you. So when we talk about 'we' on this website, we mean the ship owners.

Nine ships are sailing in our fleet. Ships that all offer plenty of relaxation and adventure. Take a look at our special ships, and find out which ship suits you best.

The Rembrandt van Rijn, Antonio Bellucci, Serenade 1, Swiss Pearl, Bellissima and Bellejour offer cruises for Dutch and English speaking guests. Cruises with these ships you'll find on this website.

The Salvinia, Azolla and Horizon do not offer bilingual services on their cruises, however, most of the crew can understand and speak English. Cruises with these ships van be found on our Dutch website.

Rembrandt van Rijn

The Rembrandt van Rijn is an exclusive ship beyond all doubt. Not only the beautiful interior merits this description but so does the service on board. The large scale design of the ship is not only reflected in its spacious entrance and the splendid lounge but also in the restaurant and the cabins. The lovely colours and gorgeous materials used, give this ship a warm and stylish character.

Antonio Bellucci

Light, comfort and space, these were the fundamental principles whilst builing the sailing hotel. The result: a gorgeous ship with all the facilities of a modern luxery hotel. And you will notice that immediately when you step on board the Antonio Bellucci

Serenade 1 - NEW

The Serenade 1 is sailing with foreign guests for a large part of the season. We are pleased that we have been able to acquire this beautiful ship for the months of July and August. The ship has 68 comfortable cabins spread over three decks. The modern design of the public areas is well thought out and blends seamlessly with the attractive interior. The ship is equipped with all modern facilities and combined with first-class care, it offers you the ultimate opportunity to enjoy a wonderful river cruise.

Swiss Pearl - NEW

The Swiss Pearl will take care of the Danube cruise this year. The atmospheric and warm ambiance and the friendly crew on board make your Danube cruise an unforgettable journey.

Bellissima - NEW

As of the 2022 season, the Bellissima will take over the cruises of the Statendam. Be enchanted by this classic and elegant vessel that will carry out a number of popular voyages on the German Rivers for Feenstra this year. The Bellissima has a friendly, almost family like atmosphere and the attentive crew will do everything they can to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Bellejour - NEW

The Bellejour is a new appearance in the Feenstra program. Upon entering this imposing ship, you are immediately surrounded by a sense of elegance and luxury. The 126.7 m long ship has 90 large and comfortable cabins that can accommodate a total of 180 passengers. Most of the cabin accommodation has a French balcony. This does not apply to the cabins on the lower deck, but regardless of the type of accommodation you choose, your personal accommodation is spacious and you will find all the facilities one would expect on such a luxury ship. The public areas and sundeck are generous in size and provide easy seating from which to enjoy the ever-changing landscape. In combination with the excellent service on board, a trip with this ship will be one to remember.


The comfortable Salvinia has room for 124 passengers with its three decks. In the spacious and tastefully decorated lounge you sit high above the water, giving you a beautiful view of the landscapes that pass by. Because the Salvinia has spud poles, we can build where we want. Even if there is no jetty. With the small tender boat we will bring you ashore.


The Azolla has room for 90 passengers on its three decks. The ship is not that big so it can sail on the smaller waterways. This flexibility and the relaxed atmosphere on board make the Azolla a favorite among many of our passengers.


The Horizon is a beautiful cruise ship. The warm colors in the interior and the friendly and helpful staff make you feel at home quickly. And together with the 98 passengers a cozy atmosphere is created on board. Add to that a wide choice of the most beautiful destinations and you have an unforgettable Holiday.