Fuel surcharge | Feenstra river cruises

Fuel surcharge

Due to the extremely high fuel prices, we are now forced to charge a surcharge on the published travel sum. As stated in the General Information on our website, we are allowed to implement this surcharge. We hope you understand that under the current circumstances we cannot avoid using this measure. Fortunately, we rarely have to do this.

The surcharge is per person and depending on the duration of the trip, divided into 4 categories:
For a cruise of 04 or 05 days the surcharge is: € 25,= p.p.
For a cruise of 06, 07 or 08 days the surcharge is: € 35,= p.p.
For a cruise of 09, 10 or 11 days the surcharge is: € 50,= p.p.
For a cruise of 12 or 13 days the surcharge is: € 60,= p.p.

If you have already booked, nothing will change for you. Only for new bookings the fuel surcharge will be calculated immediately. Because the fuel is purchased in advance, the surcharge will not be refunded if prices fall.

Arnhem, 24 March 2022