Covid-19 | Feenstra river cruises


The coronavirus still has the world in its grip. We are experiencing the consequences of this, both on a personal and business level. We all want the same, live without restrictions, but no one can predict how long the situation will last and when we are “allowed” to do things again. As Minister Hugo de Jonge said: “It is a complicated puzzle and we have to put it together. The picture on the box is clear: a society protected by vaccination. However, we do not have everything under control, so we cannot yet predict exactly how we should put all the puzzle pieces. We always receive new information and so we have to remain flexible in the implementation. ”

Feenstra Rijn line has been your river cruise specialist for more than 50 years. But we are in uncharted waters in this situation. There is nothing more difficult than predicting the future. We also do not know how the situation regarding the corona virus will develop further or how long this will take. In any case, we hope that the tide will turn soon.

Below we try to answer the most frequently asked questions where we can.

When can we cruise again?
When compiling the sailing program for 2021, we have assumed that we can and may sail without restrictions.Unfortunately, April and May are just a little too early for us to cast off, which is why we have postponed the start of the sailing season to the beginning of June.Of course we cannot predict how this situation will develop further in the coming weeks. It is our hope that the vaccination process will lead to more freedoms and that we can start our cruises in June. We will of course continue to monitor developments closely. If we are forced to take measures, we will take our responsibility in this and inform those involved. Until then, we assume that the planned trips will continue.

What measures is the government taking?
Measures taken by the Dutch government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but also the measures taken by the government of a country that is visited during a trip change very regularly. Of course we will keep a close eye on this.

What measures does Feenstra take?
We cannot yet say whether there will be measures during the trips. However, we can let you know that the safety and health of our passengers and crew has the highest priority.
If it is necessary to take measures for the sake of safety, we conform to the guidelines of the various governments and we adhere to protocols that then apply to the river cruise industry. This includes, for example, wearing a mouth mask, adjusting the maximum and minimum occupancy of the ship, the method of serving and any additional hygiene measures. We will of course try to carry out your trip as well and comfortably as possible despite these necessary measures.

I am leaving (soon) to a destination where there is no negative travel advice, but i.v.m. I do not want to travel the situation regarding the corona virus. Can I cancel my trip free of charge?
If you book a trip during this Covid-19 time, you book with the knowledge that it is possible that the corona virus is still with us when you travel. Measures may then apply on board and in the countries we visit to prevent the spread of the corona virus. If we can carry out the trips in a safe and responsible manner within the applicable guidelines of the government and protocols for the river cruise industry, you cannot cancel your trip free of charge. In this case a booking will be canceled in accordance with art. 9.2 of the ANVR Traveler Conditions and the additional conditions of Feenstra Rijn Lijn.

Does my cancellation insurance cover the costs if I want to cancel my trip due to corona?
That depends on your insurance company. In most cases this will not be a valid reason for cancellation. It is best to contact the company where you took out your insurance.

Can I rebook my trip?
You can rebook your trip up to 4 weeks before departure, provided this trip departs in the same year.

Do the "normal" payment terms apply?
Yes, when you have booked a trip, the usual payment conditions apply. This means that the down payment must be paid no later than 2 weeks after making a booking and the remaining travel sum no later than 6 weeks before departure.

What happens if Feenstra has to cancel a trip because of the corona virus?
If Feenstra has to cancel a trip due to the corona virus, in accordance with the current ANVR policy, your money will be refunded within 14 days.