Current information about COVID-19


Especially in the current time with all existing official RIVM guidelines for “social distance” and the way we should deal with this, despite the fact that everyone likes to travel again, there is apparently a certain uncertainty regarding to travel. We are well aware of our responsibility to our guests and the ship's crew and assure you that we will do everything we can to make your river cruise as safe and wonderful as possible. In addition to the implementation of all current official requirements, this also means that we will and must perform the trips with a limited number of guests. This to be able to offer all guests the usual comfort.

Even before COVID-19, hygiene and safety standards on board the Feenstra ships were already observed at a very high level. All our ships are well acquainted with the current hygiene and safety procedures on board a ship and it goes without saying that extra attention is being paid to this during this time. All crew members also come on board with a corresponding health certificate.

We will make sure that you continue to enjoy traveling! A river cruise is a magnificent way of traveling, for which you can prepare yourself very well with all expectations and current information. With the Hygiene and Safety Protocol below, we would like to familiarize you with the important and official information that you will encounter during the trip. Of course you will also receive additional information from the tour guide on board.

Hygiene and safety protocol

In the protocol listed below, we familiarize you with important official information on the hygiene and safety concept for river cruises, which must be observed before and during the trip. This applies to the state of affairs on board and on shore. We request that you read this protocol carefully in order to ensure that it runs smoothly on board.


Even before COVID-19, the hygiene and safety standards on board the Feenstra ships were already very high. All our ships are well acquainted with the usual hygiene and safety procedures on board a ship and it goes without saying that extra attention is being paid to this at this time. All crew members on board have a health certificate.

Basic rules

  • The distance rules of 1.50 meters apply to all passengers and crew.
  • Coughing and sneezing in the elbow.
  • Use tissue paper and throw it away immediately.
  • Avoid shaking hands strictly.
  • Wash hands thoroughly and regularly.
  • Stay at home if you or someone in your house has a fever (above 38 ° C) and / or shortness of breath.

Before your river cruise

  • In your travel documents you will find all important and interesting information about your upcoming river cruise.
  • Please note that you can only participate in the river cruise if you do not have typical symptoms of COVID-19 disease, such as cold symptoms, elevated temperature, etc. If you experience any of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately. And then also with us, in your own interest and that of your fellow passengers.
  • Remember to bring suitable and sufficient mouth masks, both in your hand luggage and in your travel luggage.

Arrival / embarkation

  • If you come by public transport or taxi transport, think of suitable face masks. Please refer to applicable public transportation and taxi transportation guidelines. It is mandatory to wear a face mask in the taxi and in public transport.
  • Your travel documents contain a questionnaire about your health and well-being, which you must fill in yourself on the day of embarkation and bring with you to the ship in full.
  • Embarkation time has been extended so that all guests can enter their cabin comfortably and without stress. You will find the embarkation time in your travel documents.
  • Embarkation is carried out according to official requirements with the minimum distance to be observed and, if necessary, instructions given by the crew.
  • Before boarding, a contactless and quick measurement of your body temperature takes place. If your body temperature is 38 ° C or higher or if you have other typical symptoms, the ship's management is obliged to refuse you access to the ship. You will also be asked to disinfect your hands carefully.
  • Only booked guests and crew are allowed to enter the ship. Receiving visitors during the trip is not allowed.
  • Take your hand luggage on board. The handles of your other luggage are disinfected by the crew and then placed in front of your cabin door.

On board

  • Due to official regulations, all passengers are required to wear appropriate face masks when moving on board. On the sun deck you can enjoy the view everywhere with the necessary minimum distance without a mask. Only the crew will continuously wear a mask.
  • Hygiene and disinfection measures are regularly carried out by the crew, hand disinfection standards are ready for you.
  • The public toilets remain closed during the entire trip. Use the toilet in your cabin.
  • We can continue to offer you the use of our fitness equipment, whirlpools and swimming pools. Please note that use is only possible after a reservation at the reception.
  • Board games, books, newspapers, umbrellas and other common use items are no longer available. You can of course also bring your own.
  • A designated staff member measures the temperature of all guests and staff daily and without contact.
  • To meet the minimum distance required by the authorities, you will be assigned a permanent seat at the restaurant for the duration of your river cruise. You will receive a table for two or a table for several people on request. If you would like to sit at the table with certain people, we ask you to inform us before the start of the trip. You will receive your table number on board.
  • All meals and drinks in the restaurants and salons are served at the usual high standard. So there are no buffets.
  • As usual, your cabin is cleaned daily and later that day also thoroughly disinfected.
  • We recommend that you pay on board, including final bill, by debit or credit card.

Excursions and stay on land

  • Not only on board, but on shore as well, people are looking forward to greet you. All the destinations on our travels offer many interesting and worth seeing things to discover.
  • Of course you can go ashore individually. Your hotel manager will be happy to provide information and tips on private shore excursions on board.
  • The applicable hygiene regulations also apply to excursions booked. The type of excursions and the minimum and maximum number of participants will be announced on board. Excursions where the 1.5 meter distance cannot be observed will not be offered.
  • Pay attention to official requirements such as minimum distance to land and wear a suitable face mask where necessary.
  • Clean your hands every time you return on board

We are sure you will enjoy your river cruise. Look forward to the typical Feenstra atmosphere with all amenities and the usual high standard that you have come to expect from Feenstra.

All measures in this Hygiene and safety protocol are the result of regulations imposed by the government. Changes can occur daily and can be implemented on board. Keep an eye on the website for any changes. These may also apply to your trip.

Feenstra is looking forward to welcoming you on board again.

On behalf of the entire Feenstra Team