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General Information

Feenstra Rhine Line gives you an optimal holiday. Please read this general information first before booking. This way you know exactly what to expect and Feenstra Rhine Line can give you an optimal holiday. We do not do that on our own. The ships with which all these beautiful journeys are made are owned by different shipping companies. Feenstra Rhine Line mediates between them and you. So when we talk about "we", we mean ship owners.

ANVR Traveller Terms and Feenstra conditions
The ANVR Traveller Terms and the additional conditions of Feenstra Rhine Line apply to all journeys. The conditions can be requested and found at all times on our website.

Full service on board
The mentioned passage prices are based on full service on board. This means not only the regular meals, but also a regular cup of coffee or tea, sometimes accompanied by some refreshments. Would you like to know more about the meals? Then look on the page of the ship you are traveling with. With every trip a stylish Captain's or Farewell's Dinner is served. A special evening on which you will be pampered even more, including a delicious glass of wine, offered by your captain. Regardless of which cruise you choose, you will not lack anything on board.

Holiday on the water
A ship is a floating hotel. Without packing and unpacking your bags, you travel from one beautiful place to another. Along the way we tell you everything about what there is to see and what you can do. You have plenty of time for that. In addition, the crew does everything to make your stay on board as pleasant as possible. They take your wishes into account as much as possible.

Excursions not included
People like to settle by the water. Which is why very interesting cities have developed along rivers, especially in Europe. And those are of course worth a visit. That is why we offer various bus excursions along the way for a wonderful view of the beautiful nature and the sights. City walks are also regularly organized with the help of a local guide, or you may visit a local wine cellar. You can register on board, but the excursions will only take place if there is enough interest. Certain excursions such as bus tours and cruises also have a maximum number of participants, so make sure you book on time. Due to delays or other organizational reasons, it can sometimes happen that an excursion is changed or cancelled.On 4-day cruises, Christmas markets-,Christmas-, and New Year cruises it may happen that no excursions are organized.

A river cruise is an adventure in itself. And the good thing is: you are not obliged to do anything and you can go your own way. There is a casual atmosphere and events are organized. An evening of bingo, karaoke or a quiz, just to name a few. On the farewell evening there is usually live music and on longer journeys there is often a musician on board for a pleasant dance evening. During the Easter and theme cruises, there is even live music throughout the cruise! There is also live music on the throughout your journey on all Rembrandt van Rijn cruises. Would you rather read something? There are various magazines and newspapers in the lounge. There are also plenty of board games on board and on some ships there is even a life-size checkers or chess game on the sun deck.

Active on vacation
Are you going for a quiet or active holiday? Everything is possible during a river cruise. You organize your vacation as you wish. There is no sailing all day, so after mooring you have all the time and opportunity to do something. Are you going into the beautiful landscape or opting for the liveliness of a city? The variety along the way is enormous, and you will also enjoy yourself on board. Actively get started with fitness equipment or, like on some ships, relax in the sauna, whirlpool, swimming pool or under the sunbed.

Accommodation on board
The cabins on board often have the facilities, but not always the size of a hotel room. It would be going too far to accurately describe all cabins per ship and per deck. But when you book an accommodation, you can always ask for additional information. This way you come on board with the right expectations.

Wi-Fi and TV
You can use the WiFi network on all Feenstra ships. (free or for a fee) It differs per ship where on the ship and in which country/area this can be received. The cabins on board are equipped with a television. The range of channels varies per ship. It is possible that no Dutch channels are received on board. In mountainous areas, while sailing and in locks, the WiFi and TV signal can be lost. This can vary from a few hours to sometimes a whole day.

Embark the night before
For some cruises you can board the night before starting at 8 p.m. This extra night, including breakfast, costs € 40 per person. If you would like to make use of this, please indicate this when booking.

Taxi Direct Service
Due to rising costs and major staff shortages at the transport companies, we unfortunately cannot offer you Taxi Direct Service this year.

Transfer from / to Antwerp
Guests from Belgium can book bus transport to and from Antwerp (Berchem). This is possible on most journeys. You can book this transfer for € 175,- per person. For journeys whose departure is in the morning, you will be picked up the day before departure at 6 p.m. If the embarkation of the trip is in the afternoon, we will pick you up on the day of departure.

Are you being seen off?
Many of our passengers are waved off by friends and family. Great! They are welcome on board for a cup of coffee. We would like to ask you to limit the no. of people who come to see you off to a maximum off two as we have limited space on board. We hope you understand. We would like to ask those who see you off (or pick you up) to park their car in the designated parking spaces and not for the ship, in order to keep the road clear for other traffic.

Parking in Arnhem
If you come with your own transport, you can park your car in the Rozet parking garage. That costs around € 17,80 per day (price 2023). You will receive more information about this with your travel documents.

Information to be provided by you
In accordance with the ANVR Traveller Terms you provide all information about yourself and the travellers you have registered that may be important for concluding or performing the agreement before concluding the travel agreement. You must also state the details of your own physical and mental condition and that of the travellers you have registered that may be important for the proper execution of the trip.

Disabled persons
Strict safety regulations apply on board. Emergency procedures must be carried out quickly and correctly. As a result, we reserve the right to exclude travellers from (further) participation in the trip if a disability appears to be an obstacle to their implementation. Often ships are not well equipped for the disabled and the staff is also not trained for medical services. For groups of disabled persons (only under adequate supervision) you must always contact us in advance.

Wheelchairs and walkers Use on board is not permitted
The safety of our passengers on board is paramount to us. Even if you are less mobile, we must be able to guarantee your safety. That is why, unfortunately, we must limit the inclusion of aids such as walking frames, walkers or wheelchairs. Therefore state this immediately when booking. You must request to bring your own foldable walker or wheelchair and is only permitted in very limited quantities. You need written permission for this.

For the sake of clarity: the use of a walker or wheelchair on board is not permitted. You must therefore be able to move on board without these aids. On shore you can use a walker / wheelchair. On most ships these can be rented from us for € 5,-. You can then use it the entire cruise, ashore. You must indicate this when booking.

Do you use medication?
Sometimes misunderstandings arise about the right medicines abroad. We therefore recommend that you take your medicine passport with you so that every doctor or pharmacist understands which medication is involved.

Preferences and essences
Preferences are special wishes that are made known when booking. If possible we try to comply with this. This is different with essences. Then your wish is so essential that the travel agreement will only be concluded by us if it is certain that this wish can also be met.

Beverage packages
On board the ships you will be offered the opportunity to purchase a beverage package. In this way you already know in advance what you spend on drinks and you will not be faced with any surprises. You will receive more information about this with your travel documents. Purchasing a beverage package is not mandatory.

Dietary meals
Do you prefer salt-free, low-fat, fat-free, sugar-free or vegetarian food? Then state this wish when booking. If you want or need to follow a diet, submit your diet list in advance. The costs for a diet or meal preference are € 4 per person per day. You pay for this on board at the end of the voyage. Feenstra Rhine Line cannot accept any responsibility for the implementation, quality and response to your dietary requirements.

Payment methods
On board you can pay with cash, and often with your debit card or credit card. On some ships you can use a type of card to which all your expenses are credited. At the end of the voyage you can pay the total of the expenses on board those ships in cash, with your debit card or with your credit card. There is no possibility to withdraw cash on board with your debit card. In most cases excursions must be paid in cash. You can be informed about this when booking.

You need a valid travel document for all journeys in which you travel abroad, including cruises in The Netherlands in which you travel abroad. Ask your municipality for more information. But beware: a new passport or identity card has at least a week delivery time!

If you do not have the Dutch nationality, it is advisable to ask your local authorities what documents you need to make the journey.

For all journeys there is a general smoking ban in the ship. Smoking on (a part of) the sun deck is allowed.

Surcharge single use
Do you want to stay alone in a cabin, but there is no single cabin available? Depending on the ship and deck type, it is possible to reserve a 2-person cabin for 30% to 50% of the costs of the vacant space. Two people booking a 3-person cabin pay an additional 35% of the vacant space per person.

Booking and travel documents
We will send the booking confirmation and the travel documents to the person who is jointly and severally liable for the booking. When booking you have to pay a part of the travel sum. After receiving the total travel sum, we will send you all the required travel documents approximately 8 days before departure.

You will receive 2 suitcase labels per person and we ask you to provide your suitcase with a completed label. There is no weight limit for your baggage on board the ships. When you travel to the ship by coach or use the taxi service, you are allowed to bring 1 suitcase (max. 20 kg) and 1 piece of hand luggage per person.

Duration of a cruise and insurance
The duration of a cruise is stated in whole days. Despite the possibility that, for example, you will depart late in the evening and / or return early in the morning, these days still count towards the total travel duration. This is stated in this way in connection with the travel insurance to be taken out. We advise you to take out good travel luggage, accident and cancellation insurance.

If you cannot come along unexpectedly, you must always pass this on. This is possible during office hours and on Saturdays until 3.30 p.m. Cancellations are handled according to the ANVR Traveller Terms.

Sailing schedule subject to change
The sailing schedules in this brochure are always subject to change. Deviations can be made if, according to Feenstra Rhine Line, the captain or his deputy there is a good reason for this.

Allocated mooring places
During our cruises we try to moor as close to the center as possible. However, this depends on the berth the harbor master assigns the ship. In some cities or villages it is not possible at all to moor the ship in or near the center. If you are less mobile, you will have to use public transport or a taxi to visit the center. It can also happen that several ships share a berth, which obstructs the view from your cabin or that you may only be able to reach and/or leave the ship via another ship.

Locks & bridges
During the cruise we sometimes pass locks or bridges. In some cases, waiting time may arise at the lock, which causes the sailing schedule to be delayed and we arrive at our destination later. This allows planned excursions and / or visiting times to change. A few bridges are so low that we have to lower everything onto the sun deck, and the sun deck cannot be used for safety reasons.

Noises on board
A cruise ship is in motion and motion causes noises. Water rippling against the ship. Arrival or departure of another ship, the dull hum of the engine or generator or one of your fellow passengers. Generally speaking these noises are not experienced as being disruptive. However noises are inextricably linked to your stay on board.

Pandemics / Price Reservation
If the health situation deteriorates at a national or European level as a result of a pandemic, it is possible that the measures in force will affect the implementation of the trip you have booked. This includes, for example, the way in which meals are served and/or extra hygiene measures. Of course we try to carry out your trip as well and comfortably as possible despite these measures. In the event of a pandemic, the maximum number of people that may be transported may also have to be adjusted or extra costs may have to be incurred to carry out the journey in a responsible manner. Feenstra then reserves the right to adjust the prices to the new situation. Any price increase then only applies to new bookings and will not be passed on retroactively.

General price reservation
Uncertain factors remain, including fuel costs and taxes. We will only charge the substantiated surcharge in cases of extreme necessity.

Contribution SGR
To ensure that Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR) can continue to protect you as a consumer against bankruptcy risks, a consumer contribution SGR of € 5,- per person is charged on all bookings. More information about the SGR can be found on

Contribution Calamity Fund
Does a calamity arise during your trip? For example, a natural disaster, or because unrest breaks out? Then the Calamity Fund guarantee is there for you. All trips abroad, or trips through the Netherlands that visit a foreign destination during the trip, are covered by the Calamity Fund. For a small contribution of € 2,50 per booking, you have a guarantee for up to 9 people in case of unexpected travel costs during a calamity. More information about the calamity fund can be found on

Minimum number of participants
A journey will only take place if the minimum number of participants has been reached. This number can be found in the table below. If a trip is cancelled, you will receive a message from us:
• for cruises up to 6 days: no later than 7 days before departure
• for cruises longer than 6 days: no later than 20 days before departure


Minimal no. of participants

Antonio Bellucci






Johann Strauss


Monarch Countess


Rembrandt van Rijn




It is not permitted to bring pets on board.

Feenstra Rijn Line emergency telephone
During the sailing season we can be reached outside office hours for urgent cases via telephone number +31 (0) 26 445 28 05. Leave this telephone number with your family members and / or acquaintances.

Privacy declaration
The European privacy law entered into force in 2018. In our privacy statement you can read how we handle your personal data.

General reservation
Errors, mistakes on this website are not binding.

Included in the passage price
• Transport by ship according to the travel program
• The cost of accommodation
• The cost of all meals
• Coffee and tea at the usual times
• Taxes and other levies on the stay

Not included in the passage price
Mandatory additional costs:
• Contribution SGR at € 5 p.p.
• Contribution to Calamity Fund € 2.50 (per booking up to a maximum of 9 people)
• Possible fuel surcharge
Optional costs:
• Costs for border documents
• Additional costs of diet meals
• Expenses of a personal nature, such as drinks from the bar and during meals
• Insurances
• Excursions, unless stated otherwise
• Prenight
• Any change costs at € 50.00